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In 1972 the Tauber Rohrbau GmbH & Co. KG was established in Münster Germany as a sister branch of Tauber Spezialbau which was founded in Wurzburg Germany in 1964. Tauber has established itself as a reputable name in the Ordnance disposal sector and has performed many contracts dealing with geophysical investigation of Ordnance from WWI and WWII, the evaluation and analysis of aerial photographs and the recovery of these objects for the German authorities. During the recovery process it was and is necessary to exercise civil engineering-techniques like earth construction, water drainage and temporary building of pit support systems just to name a few. This is the foundation for Tauber’s modern operation today.
Our patents and products:

MunCracker® - Thermal /
mechanical ordnance


MuniMax®- Technical
Encyclopedia – War munitions

DrillScout® u. AreaScout®
– Geophysical measurement

SteroData®- aerial