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The renewal of sewers in closely built-up city areas can often be very difficult due to limited space, traffic and a large number of existing supply lines. In these situations the TAUBER Tunnel System with tubing’s of concrete or polycrete proves to be very worthwhile. The tubing are pipe segments of concrete, grade B 45 (DIN 1045), in a length of 60 and/or 75 cm. Three identical segments are combined to a solid pipe ring by means of the axially integrated groove and tongue. The required tubing can be manufactured at concrete pre-casting factories or they can be locally manufactured in a semiautomatic process. The TAUBER Tunnel System can be used as a protective piping for supply lines, as a sewer, for district heating lines or as a product line. House service connections are temporarily separated from the mains while the driving work takes place and auxiliary lines take over the current drainage. After completion of the work the connections are incorporated in the new tunnel pipe.
Our patents and products:

MiniTunnel® – Energy-
Tunnelling Method

JackPiler® – emission-free
sheet piling

FumaFlex® – sealing and
adhesive compound

LocPipe® – Polycrete pipe