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Whenever construction noise is a nuisance or the existing buildings require protection, Tauber recommends using its „Jack Piling” technique. The „Jack Piling“ system causes very little vibration and noises so that neighbors are not disturbed and existing foundations and underground lines are not stressed to the point of bursting. The first sheet piles are pressed in by means of an auxiliary frame which is weighted down with sheet piles on both sides. If this procedure cannot be carried out for lack of space, the first sheet piles are pressed in or vibrated in at shorter length and are later exchanged with larger sheet piling that forms the permanent pipe. Handling of the pressing head with a weight of up to 12t is carried out by means of a mobile crane. If no suitable access is available, the sheet piles will be installed using a cable mounted mini excavating machine.
Our patents and products:

MiniTunnel® – Energy-
Tunnelling Method

JackPiler® – emission-free
sheet piling

FumaFlex® – sealing and
adhesive compound

LocPipe® – Polycrete pipe