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Sediment reduction and nutrient removal are areas where TAUBER equipment for the restoration of waters is applied. This equipment includes our Watermaster amphibious vehicle, a cyclone separator and a phosphate elimination system. The Watermaster is ideal for the restoration of rivers and lakes with overgrown vegetation, for the dredging of lakes and oxidation pools, for difficult underwater engineering work as well as for the restoration of beaches and the construction of embankments. The ecologically compatible Watermaster is easily transportable over land and can be launched into the water without using a crane. Due to Tauber‘s pump shovel concept, the Watermaster is gentle to the embankment and causes a surprisingly small amount of turbulence in the working area.
Our patents and products:

MiniTunnel® – Energy-
Tunnelling Method

JackPiler® – emission-free
sheet piling

FumaFlex® – sealing and
adhesive compound

LocPipe® – Polycrete pipe