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TAUBER has taken an active part in explosives ordnance disposal for over 50 years. The company’s development coincided with the need for protection against war ammunition which was massively spread throughout Germany during WWII. Government agencies repeatedly entrusted TAUBER with orders due to our innovative new ideas for munitions removal and disposal. Our guiding principle is Safety first. Externally as well as internally, accident prevention provided at reasonable costs. Today TAUBER is a full-range supplier with experts and technical equipment for all types of work in connection with the locating, salvaging, transport and destruction of ammunition, bombs, chemical warfare agents and mines. TAUBER has and is capable to perform all types of services either under Individual contracts or broader Indefinite Duration Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for federal states which prefer to outsource due to cost reasons. TAUBER is seen as a service provider for official and private customers but also as a system developer based on our company's experience and development.
Our patents and products:

MunCracker® - Thermal /
mechanical ordnance


MuniMax®- Technical
Encyclopedia – War munitions

DrillScout® u. AreaScout®
– Geophysical measurement

SteroData®- aerial